Adopt a tree | – We help to protect the environment.

These are the species of trees we have planted. You can adopt them by ensuring their care and maintenance for 10 years, which capture CO2 pollution and erasing your carbon footprint.

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Acacia Mangium
Is a straight tree and slender with dense foliage. The flowers are cream or white, rich in nectar, issued a slightly sweet fragrance that attracts species such as bees which make their hives to make honey aroma and delicate flavor.
It’s a large tree with smooth trunk and bright green leaves. It has inconspicuous flowers as an urn in which emerge the beautiful stamens. Its aroma eases breathing and makes your forests are sites serenity and tranquility.
It’s a very tall tree, also called tree of peace, with erect stems branching in pyramidal form. Its light and fresh aroma brings energy and wellness, getting away the stress and emotional strain.